Happiness Highlights: Week 2 in New York City


Last week we were still in New York City, a gift I will forever be grateful for no matter where this trip or this life takes us. Two weeks in New York City is truly a luxury, and not just because everything costs so dang much.

One of the things I was most grateful for this week was Jared’s constant sharing of New York City trivia. He’s been pouring over two books from our sponsors at Baker & Taylor: New York Then and Now and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into New York. As a result, he’s taken on the role of factoid guru and tour guide for the first time in our marriage. f6c2e7b59e0fa34b212333f888dacb8e

The very first time I visited New York City, I wrote about traveling alone and how it was more relaxing for me because there wasn’t anyone I had to take care of or educate; this role reversal was such a cool (and important) experience for our family. I never would have guessed some day I’d be walking down the streets of Manhattan and turning to Jared to ask, “Hey, what’s that building?” – or that he’d be able to answer with both the name and the history.

I also continue to be grateful for good friends and generous people we’ve been able to meet along our way.

aac570b5490b20338e6c9fbd496b287d Poppy went with us to see the Spiderman musical on Broadway and spent the bulk of the day wandering around Manhattan with us before joining me for dinner and drinks with local bloggers in the West Village. We had so much fun with her, and it is always such a blessing to see my friends love on my kids. When you don’t live near family I think you become exceptionally appreciative of the love that your friends offer. Also? Spiderman was freaking awesome. Truly “a spectacle” in the best sense of the word.

This was a week filled with good friends. In addition to our day with Poppy, I got to have dinner with some wonderful women who live in the area, including Marinka, Robin, Jill, Metalia, and Audrey, at a place called the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I ate Frito Pie and fell in love with Chelsea while meandering over to the West Village. A few nights later we got in our car and drove to visit Deborah and her family for dinner, drinks, and laundry. I kept her children up way too late and made a few jokes that were probably inappropriate for a new friendship, but we had a blast. And I am again humbled at the willingness of good people to wash my dirty socks.

I also got a massage for $30 in Chinatown, spent a day in Central Park, and visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Gratitude abounds, people.








I love this place.

But this week, we move on…

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