Developing Happiness Habits

One of the things that’s contributing to my stress lately is a complete and total lack of routine. Ironically, I took this trip in part to get away from some routines, but not because I think all routine is bad. I just wanted to be able to choose which routines made sense for me and my family and throw out the arbitrary ones that are so easily placed on us by societal expectations.

Right now, I’m living in a kind of schedule-less no-man’s land. We’ve gotten rid of all the security of routines we’re used to and haven’t quite figured out what we want to put back, or where exactly those things will fit. While this is, admittedly, a bit unnerving, it is also an incredible opportunity.

We get to design a life from the ground up.

Now I’m looking at my schedule-less life, my clean slate, and carefully considering how I want to refill my days and weeks. So far, I’ve really only added work and sightseeing – and both of those things have kind of just been tossed into the mix with little thought given to quantity, quality or specific placement.

What else do I want to fill my life up with?

What’s important enough to warrant a space in my daily routine?

Happiness Habits I’m Considering

  • Meditation – I would love to have time each day to quiet my mind, give thanks, and meditate for a little bit on my intentions and goals. I know this can be both powerful and rejuvenating, but I’ve never been able to make it a daily priority.
  • Exercise – *sigh* I am gaining pounds by the mile. I hate the way it makes me feel when I’m out of shape. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an exercise I really love and so it’s a constant struggle to stick with a workout routine – unless you can count yoga. Can yoga make you skinny?

You know, I thought there was going to be more to this list, but I’m wondering if starting the day with just these two things might make a big difference. I don’t need to work every day to be happy. Although, I might add:

  • Create – Making something, anything, makes me happy. Some days that might be taking and editing pictures, others that might be writing not for money. I could paint, build a fire, or figure out how to make a new meal.
  • Learn – Whether it’s through reading, visiting a new place, or watching a documentary, I am refueled by feeding my curiosity.

Of course, those two are vague concepts as opposed to concrete habits, so I’m not exactly sure how I’d make them part of a daily routine. I guess that means I should start with the meditation and exercise.

What habits do you have to incorporate into daily life to stay sane and happy?

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