Happiness Highlights: Savannah

I’m going to start keeping track of my weekly Happiness Highlights, and I invite you to join in if you’re so inclined.

What are Happiness Highlights? Things that have brought me joy, peace, or happiness in the last week.

What’s the point? To remember to be grateful. To focus on the good, because it is what we focus on that grows. To be able to better answer the question, “what makes you happy?”

Now that we have the explanations out of the way, let’s get to this week’s Happiness Highlights!

Happiness Highlights: (Almost) Savannah

Ironically, we have yet to step foot into Savannah’s famed Historic District. We’ll actually be doing that today, but so far we’ve spent all of our time at Skidaway Island State Park, Tybee Island, and at the local library and coffee shops where I can access free wifi to work. Despite this lack of progress beyond the borders of Savannah, we’ve already found plenty of joy here.

I have dozens and dozens of pictures of the trees that line the roads at Skidaway Island State Park. I’m in awe of their natural drama and consistently fail to translate what I see with my eyes into a photograph. I think it may be something you have to see in order to really appreciate.

Our nights around the fire have been an unexpected source of joy. I have never been an avid camper or lover of The Great Outdoors. I hate the way a campfire smells. But I love working together to build a fire and cook a meal. The process is slow and quiet and not at all like the experience of “getting dinner on the table.”

We haven’t made all of our meals over the campfire. We asked around to find out what a typical meal in Savannah might look like and heard about Low Country Boil (seen here before it was drained.) We hit the local grocery store and seafood market and then spent a really long time peeling shrimp. The end result was something we’d never heard of before that tasted delicious.

The joy came, again, in the simple pride of making something together and the sense of accomplishment from learning something new.

And again with the simple nature. Who the hell am I and what have one of you done with Britt?

We spent an afternoon at Tybee Island’s North Beach, a tiny beach with no lifeguard and no large crowds. We played in the waves. Over and over again we crouched in anticipation and then let the water lift us up off of our feet as it rushed towards the shoreline. We laughed and squealed and held hands in the surf.

Over and over again, what brought me joy this week was doing the simplest activities with my small family of four. It wasn’t seeing new things or exploring exotic locations. It was making a meal, riding through the woods, rolling in the Atlantic. It was slow and lazy and luxurious.

It was love.

What brought you joy this week?

If you decide to post your own Happiness Highlights, please feel free to share the link in the comments. I’d love to see what’s making you happy right now!

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