Living Between the Events


I am a goal-oriented person.

I’m constantly working towards something.

A garage sale. A trip. A move. A deadline. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the journey as much as the destination, but I enjoy a journey with direction so much more than aimless wandering.

But I think real happiness – real peace – is found in the living we do in between the precisely-named events.

It’s there that we solidify the truths and relationships that aren’t dependent on external influences of place and time. It’s there that we learn to just be, whatever that means for each of us.

I’ve finished a lot of big projects over the last couple of weeks and we have a full two months before we hit the road on June 1st. There are still a handful of preparations that need to be made, and I have work and trips scheduled between now and then. But I have more days than deadlines ahead of me.

I don’t want to spend them feeling restless.

I don’t want to wish them away, counting down towards the next Big Event.

I want to spend the next two months being happy. But mostly, I want to spend them remembering what it is to just be.

What does “just being” mean to you?

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