Pooping Your Pants May Be The Key To Happiness

2d7a2a8d85ec0efafd9714fd34aa9517My mom and I have a running joke about how I’m going to put her in a nursing home when she gets old.  In my defense, my primary reason is because the woman cannot wait to get senile enough to justify pooping and peeing in her pants.  My brothers and I are certain that she’s going to be one of those ladies who cusses really loudly and makes inappropriate comments while farting at anyone who walks by.  She insists that is just fine with her, because at least it will mean she no longer gives a fuck what anyone else thinks about her.

Insensitive jokes about dementia aside,  I think my mom might be on to something.

There’s power in not worrying about what anyone else thinks of you.

The power, perhaps, to be really happy.  To be free.

I’m not suggesting you poop your pants.  Toilets are so much more convenient, after all.  But wouldn’t it be great to not care if someone else thought you were gross?

Or crazy.

Or a bad person.

Or wrong.

Or embrassing.

Or irresponsible.

Or lazy.

Or flighty.

Or childish.

Or stupid.

Or arrogant.

Or any of those things we tell ourselves people will think of us if we don’t do what’s expected.

Wouldn’t it be great if our decisions were only influenced by our own opinions and those of a select group of people who really mattered to us?  Wouldn’t it be great if we were only guided by our own core values?

Imagine being able to say “as long as you don’t have to clean it up – who cares?!?!”

Maybe you wouldn’t poop your pants.

But maybe you’d quit your job. Cut your hair. Live in a smaller house. Drive a cheaper car.  Ride your bike to work. Go to the gym. Work on your novel instead of cleaning the house. Go back to school. Quit school. Sing. Dance. Do absolutely nothing for a while.

What would you do if you really didn’t give a crap what other people thought?

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