To Disqus or Not To Disqus? A Poll

About a month ago, I installed the Disqus comment system on this blog.  I did it because responding to comments on here was starting to get insanely time consuming, and Disqus allowed me to respond to comments by email super fast.  I hated that I wasn’t responding to comments anymore, and I loved how much easier Disqus made life for me.


A few of you have told me how much you hate using Disqus and it seems like commenting (on the actual posts, not the Daily Photo posts) dropped significantly pretty much the instant Disqus was installed.

So, I’m torn.

On the one hand, it’s my blog and Disqus makes my life and responding to comments easier.  On the other hand, the whole point of having comments is to give those of you who let me into your readers and your lives a place for you to participate.  But if responding to you becomes a pain in the ass, then we don’t really have interaction, we just have you commenting – which I think sucks for both of us.

Bottom line – I’d like to know if having Disqus on here discourages you from commenting.


Because, well, obviously.

Have you (or would you) not commented on a post because Disqus was installed?

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