The Beginning of A Plan

497f520c3fea08b2ac124d540d7dda75We’re about 6 months away from our departure date.

Of course, we don’t actually have an exact departure date, but we know we are planning to hit the road in June-ish.  Besides not having a departure date, we also don’t have a route planned or a vehicle secured or, you know, any of the logistics taken care of quite yet.

What we know is…

We’re leaving in June-ish. We’re letting the kids finish up this school year and our plan is to leave shortly after that.  Jared is counting down the days to when he can be not working and living on the road will actually cost us less than living in a big house while saving up for living on the road.  We are all anxious to get started.

In the meantime, we are selling the house and damn near everything we own. At least, we are in theory.  To date we have a) put the house on the market and b) sold exactly not a single thing.  I threw out some old medicine the other day though, so there’s that.  It is overwhelming to look around our house and realize how much stuff we have.  Closets, drawers and shelves pouring with stuff.  And we have to get rid of almost all of it in order to fit ourselves into an RV.

Oh, yes, an RV. Probably.  Most likely.  We’re looking at buying a van camper type RV, which is basically an over-sized van with a bed.  We’re looking at used models because our budget is very much less than $10,000. We decided (we think) on this type of RV because we want to be able to easily drive in cities and not have to worry about leaving our home in a campsite.  This trip is about freedom for us as much as it is about exploring, and having a house we lug along with us in the form of a detachable trailer does not sound like freedom to either of us.  So van camper it is.  Probably.  Most likely. OH MY GOD THESE THINGS LOOK SO OLD AND CRAPPY AND TINY ON CRAIGSLIST!

We’ve tentatively chosen a route. Basically.  Kind of.  Our goal is to avoid driving in a blizzard.  We’re planning to head up the east coast in the summer, back down the east not-exactly-coast in the fall, spend the winter months in the southern-most states, head up the west coast in the spring and back through the middle of the country the next summer.

We’ll still be working and schooling while we travel. Well, most of us will.  Jared gets to spend the year being in charge of homeschooling the kids through Florida’s virtual school system.  I will continue to work as a professional blogger and freelance writer on the road.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to support us. If not, well, Jared’s parents have a really big house and they’d probably never notice if we moved into the basement.

We have no idea what we’re doing when this year of traveling around the United States is over. We might try to find an apartment in New York City.  We might keep traveling.  We might go overseas.  We might go back to Orlando.  We have no idea, and we’re totally OK with that.

We still have to…

  • Actually sell our stuff – ideally, that includes selling our BIGGEST STUFF THING, also known as our house.
  • Purchase an RV.
  • Sign up (or whatever it’s called) for the Florida virtual school thingie
  • Figure out what we’re going to do about our mail
  • Figure out what we’re going to do about Internet on the road

And that’s it.

I mean, OK, fine.  That is kind of a lot.  But it’s not near as much as it could be considering we are talking about getting rid of the majority of our worldly possessions and becoming unemployed nomads.  THAT SHOULD TAKE MORE THAN FIVE THINGS!

It’d be awesome if it would take less than six months.  I’m the kind of girl who convinces her husband to let her open Christmas presents two weeks before Thanksgiving.  I cannot stand waiting.  I usually only survive waiting by employing the “I WILL JUST NOT THINK ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW” method, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking (or talking) about this.  Everything we do or see or DO NOT BUY is so closely tied to the fact that we will soon be living in an RV.

But soon cannot come fast enough.

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