What I Learned My First Week Of School

1. Brand spanking new backpacks have a street value of about two cans of soda.

While standing at the bus stop with Emma, who wanted me there, and Devin, who has been surprisingly tolerant of my presence, I discovered that Devin’s best friend had traded his new backpack for two cans of soda.  Because he really wanted some soda. When I suggested that this maybe was not a good trade, he explained that he had other bags he could use anyway, which reminded my son that he also had extra bags lying around.

So help me God, if my son starts trading backpacks for soda I am driving him to the nearest Young Republicans meeting.

If, however, he starts using his allowance money to buy cases of soda, I’ll finally have a reason to send a Christmas letter this year.

2.  Cafeteria lunches are way cooler than packed lunches from home.

I was so damn proud of myself for making the decision to send the kids with lunches this year.  In the past, I’d relied on school lunches for the simple fact that I was lazy and/or too busy to deal with planning, purchasing and packing daily lunches.  But oh, how I remember wanting cold lunches as a kid.  I did not get cold lunches sent with me as a child because, I assumed, we were on the poor kids lunch program and only rich kids got cold lunches.

Emma is not impressed with her fruits and vegetables and insulated lunch box, although she was thrilled to pick it out just days ago.

Emma wants a hamburgerger, because they look good.

Devin wants to know if he can use his allowance to buy school lunch.

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