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Tomorrow I leave for New York City.  I’m excited to spend time in the city with my husband and then go to BlogHer.

But more importantly, at least to me, my kids come home a week from today.  The day after we get home from New York City we will all – all four of us -finally be home.  And I can’t wait.  There is no city or conference or anything in the world more fabulous than getting to feel those two little heads pressed against my chest again.

If you have kids, you get it.

And if you get that, you get why this is such a big deal:

My friend Kevin has asked me, again, to help spread the word about juvenile dermatomyositis, a potentially fatal autoimmune disease that his daughter lives with.

But this time we need to do more than spread the word.

This time, he needs our help.

CureJM is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness and working towards a cure for JM.  And this organization is up for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi.  They are currently in 4th place, and all they need to do is move into 2nd place to get $250,000.

That $250,000 is half of their annual budget.

And you can help them get it.

And all you need to do is vote. Vote early, vote often.  Or vote often anyway.  Vote every day in August.  Do you use some kind of daily task manager thing?  Consider putting “vote for CureJM” on it every day in August.

It takes about 86 seconds.

Thank you, in advance.  And if you have babies – hug them a little tighter.

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