Today, Tomorrow and The Next Day



It’s been 41 days since Jared and I quit smoking with the help of Chantix.  I had to give up the “little blue magic pills”, as Jared calls them, after about a week of not smoking because I couldn’t sleep.  When I found myself fantasizing about the next time I’d be able to close my eyes, I knew it was time to give up the Chantix and try to stay quit the old fashion way.  Jared was able to stick with the medicine and he swears it’s the only reason he was able to quit – although I don’t think he is giving himself enough credit.

No matter how we did it, the result is that neither one of us have had so much as a puff on a cigarette in 41 days.


We’re headed to Iowa.  This will be the first time Jared’s been back since Christmas of 2008, and the first time I’ve been back since last time.  It was important to us to go home not for a crisis, what with the number of times we’ve already had to run home for an emergency in the three years since we moved away.  And we kind of wanted to go back when it was not cold as hell so that we might not spend half of our time hating that godforsaken Iowa winter weather.  So, we’re spending a week in Iowa for vacation.  And after that week, Jared and I will fly home and the kids will stay behind to spend the rest of their summer vacation with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  (Yeah, I’ll probably handle that super well.)  But tomorrow I get to see my aunt and my dad and my step mom, and the kids get to see their Lil’ Papa.

And the day after that:

Saturday is the last day of my 12 Week Body for Life Challenge.  Despite my ginormous fears, I did it.  Well, OK, I haven’t technically done it yet.  I still have to wake up tomorrow morning and do a lower body workout and then do 20 minutes of cardio on Saturday.  But after 11 weeks and five days, that?  Is nothing.  I did this. In the last three months I have changed the way I eat, created a routine of working out six days a week, and lost over 10 pounds.  I’m waiting until I’m all the way done to take my final measurements and after photo – because, yes, there is a before photo to compare it to.

So that’s what I’ll be up to in the near future.

What about you?*

*that’s a sincere question because I’m actually interested in knowing, you cynical bastards.

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