The littlest hard parts

If you ask the grown ups what’s new, what they’ve been up to, the answer is usually some version of “not much” or “same ol’, same ol’”.

You don’t even have to ask the kids.

All you have to do is look at them to see what they’ve been up to. Growing. Learning. Changing. Forgetting who you are and falling in love with new things since the last time you saw them.

My neices. My nephew. My nephew who hasn’t even been born yet. My goddaughter. You don’t even realize what you’ve been missing until you’re face to face with it, and then you can’t ignore how much more you’ll be missing as soon as you get back on the plane.

We’re driving back to Bettendorf, Iowa right now where we’ll drop off the rental car and kiss our own kids goodbye after my dad takes us to the airport. We’ve had a great visit with family and friends, and we have almost two months of time together – just Jared and I – to look forward to on the other end of our flight.

But man, I’m going to miss these kids.


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