If my butt ever looks good in these jeans, I’ll have the Internet to thank

The last thing I expected to find on the Internet was motivation to get off my ass.

To push harder.

To be healthier.

To care about what I’m eating and what I’m not and how many calories I’m dumping into my coffee every morning without thinking about it.

After all, this is where you find the Moms Who Love Booze and the Women Who Need Starbucks and the 300 Word Ode To The Joys Of Easter Peeps. The Internet, or at least my Internet, has always been a place where we can revel in our indulgences and flaunt our weak wills with pride.

“I get winded walking to my car!  HA!  HILARIOUS!  Who’s with me?!”

I never imagined that the place where I felt safe to let my imperfections hang out would become the same place that inspired me to try to work past some of those imperfections. And yet…

During my early morning workouts, I find myself thinking about my friends on Twitter who are dragging their asses out of bed at the same unholy hour. It makes me smile, and makes me push harder when I’m considering coasting through the motions.

When I’m watching TV at night and fantasizing about the giant candy dish filled with Easter jelly beans that’s hidden away in our pantry, I remember my friends on LoseIt. I think about having to log those empty, frivolous calories – and then I think about Karen’s 10 lbs of weight loss and how freaking proud I am to see her exercise totals every day. And suddenly jelly beans aren’t near as important as the idea of being able to say “WE did it! Go US!”

Sometimes I feel a little silly about how much fun Jared and I have comparing workout notes. I worry no one will ever want to hang out with us anymore because we have somehow become those people in just three short weeks. And then I get caught up in a Facebook discussion about shin splints or how good it feels to lay in a cool garage after getting all sweaty – and then I don’t feel quite so silly anymore.

The funny thing is, none of us got together and said “hey, let’s try to get healthy or lose weight!”  It’s kind of just a happy coincidence that many of the people I already knew have found themselves on a similar path at the exact same time as me.  Maybe the Universe is just really cool like that, I don’t know.  But I know that I’m grateful.

I’m inspired.

I’m humbled and honored and privileged to be sharing this journey with a handful of other people who are taking control of their bodies.

They’re part of the reason I’m carrying around a Chantix prescription in my purse right now.  I have a feeling they’ll be the first people I tell when I finally get the nerve to fill it.

I know this is incredibly boring and uninteresting to most people.  I’m sure it sounds lame.  But when I woke up this morning and thought about all of the things that I’m grateful for, their tiny little social media icons popped in my head and my heart swelled just a little.  Before packing up the car and heading to the beach this morning, I needed to stop for a second and say – Thank you.

To Karen and Sam and Lisa especially… thank you.

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