You Ever Write Something And Then Go “It’s Just Easier To Hit Publish Then Delete, So Screw It”? Yeah.

Fair Warning:

The first person who lectures me after reading this post gets virtually punched in the nose.

And with that warm welcome…

The old adage says that I’m “burning the candle at both ends”.

In reality, I’ve got a freaking candelabra burning up in here.

And not a pretty, dainty, simple candelabra like this:


Oh, no.  No.  That would be too easy.

My proverbial candle burning more closely resembles something like this:

In other words, I have a lot going on right now.

For example:

>> I’m hosting a party for Nintendo in less than two weeks – and have yet to get the final invitations sent out.  I’m really excited to do this because I get to give a bunch of my friends a party and free stuff, and I get to give away something really, reallllly cool on this blog pretty soon because of this party.  But also?  I kind of want to pull my hair out with the planning at the moment.

>> I’m officially getting paid to write on four separate blogs now.  Which is AWESOME.  I’m thrilled.  It gets me closer to one of my ultimate goals.  But also?  Four. Separate. Freaking. Blogs.  Not counting the two blogs of my own that I maintain just because I like to.

>> The fourth and most recent blog that I’ve been hired to write on is Babble’s FameCrawler site.  It offers the largest income potential of all of my current writing gigs and I am so, so, so grateful that I’m actually starting to earn something resembling a living through writing.  But also?  It’s a site about celebrity parenting.  I actually tagged a post I wrote recently as “celebrity parenting advice”.

>> Have I mentioned yet that I just started a new writing job?  The thing about any job is that it requires a lot of work and focus and attention when you start out.  And while I am still grateful and am having a lot of fun doing it – OMG THE STARTUP PROCESS FOR NEW JOBS IS DRAINING.

>> I’m turning 30 in January.  I’m planning a big celebration of some kind for my friends and family.  I’m hoping to use some of my connections as a travel writer to turn part of the big celebration into work.  All of that?  Is good.  But also? OMG I HAVE TO WRITE A FREAKING PROPOSAL NOW.  And by now?  I mean, it probably should have been done yesterday.

But, you know, that’s it.  That’s all I’ve got going on here.

I mean, unless you count the kids and the marriage and the friends and the regular 9-5 full time paying full time job and the  OH!  RIGHT!  The MARRIAGE.  Because, ya know, THAT is requiring its own mountain of work and focus and attention right now.  And those things – the kids and the marriage, specifically – are balls that absolutely can. not. be. dropped.  They can’t even be tossed around, you know?  They have to be held on to and appreciated and polished up as often as possible.

Because in the end, those are the two lights that keep everything else burning.

And I’m not even bitching.  Not really.  The mass chaos right now is temporary.  The party will come and go; the new job will become one of the old jobs soon enough.  And, by the grace of God, every single one of the things on my plate at the moment are things that I adore and am grateful for.

I’m just saying… um… I have a lot going on right now.

And also?

Best. Post. Ever.

Wow.  Yeah.  Hi, my name is Britt and I get paid to write.  And this post is a stunning example of why.


Photos by Brenda Starr and choctaw ridge, because it’s not nice to steal.

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