Experts Agree: Tuesday is the new Monday when it comes to weekend recaps.

When I fall behind on work stuff, my tendency is to push life aside and throw myself into getting “caught up”.  I can’t stand the idea of letting people down or just barely making a deadline or meeting only the minimum requirements.

(Unless we’re talking about laundry.)

For the first time in forever, I went almost an entire week without working.  I went days without responding to an email or writing a single article or following up on a lead for an assignment.  I was sick, and my body was unwilling to cooperate with my plans to work from bed on my laptop.  I slept and slept and watched TV and slept and slept some more.  For a week.

By the weekend, I was starting to feel like myself again and was more than a little anxious to start catching up on everything I’d let slide.

(Unless we’re talking about laundry.)

Unfortunately, life had other plans for me.


On Saturday, I got to host a launch party for the new Wii Fit Plus.  Because telling people you’re hosting a “Nintendo Party” is lame and brings up images of pale skinned people crawling out of their basements to gather around a gaming console.  I?  Am not lame.  I?  Was a freaking cheerleader in high school, thank you very much.  And so I decided, with the help of my magnificent friend Faiqa, to call it a launch party.

But I digress.

(Look at how not lame I am.)

ANYway, on Saturday I invited about 20 people to come to a launch party and we all sat around and listened to Wii Fit Plus Barbie tell us about how much better the Plus version is from the regular version.


She was lovely, really.  And she handled my “good natured kidding” about her lack of body fat in front of a room full of strangers quite well.  Probably because she works in PR and is professional, unlike some people who cannot resist the urge to make fun of beautiful people.  Man, some people are lame.

ANYway – Wii Fit Plus party on Saturday.


This picture does not add to the story at all except to say that they served us smoothies in shot glasses and so I was doing shots of health food because if you hand me something in a shot glass, I will shoot it. But I am exceedingly proud of this completely unedited picture, so look at it, thanks.

Blah blah blah, party party party, blah blah blah, everyone got free Wii Fit Plus thingies, blah blah blah, go me.

The end of Saturday and me not getting any work done.

On Sunday, I awoke with the same ginormous pile of work to get caught up on.  I also woke up with two kids and a husband who hadn’t done jack squat in about a week.


So we went to the county fair.

Let me tell you how much I hate The Fair.  I grew up in Iowa where the Iowa State Fair is revered as the be all to end all of fairs – and I loathed the idea of going every year.  What I remember about the fair is going as a kid when all we could afford was admission and a bag of popcorn and/or cotton candy to split between my mother, brothers and I.  We would walk around those godforsaken fair grounds for hours, pretending that rides and games didn’t exist and looking at animals and plants and butter statues instead.  I hated every minute of it.

And yet…


I dragged my kids into the horticulture hall. And they hated every minute of it.

Jared and I, however, were in awe.  Because we are, apparently, officially old now.  But I thought it was really interesting to see the kinds of things that are grown here in Florida that are not corn or tomatoes or soy beans.




Prize winning pineapples! And oranges! And star fruit! That is cool, right?  Right?!?!




I let them go on bumper cars, too.


And eat funnel cake and fried oreos.


And bring home the goldfish they won from that ping pong game.

Blah blah blah, fair fair fair, blah blah blah, I’m pretty much the best mom ever, blah blah blah, go me.

The end of Sunday and me getting sunburned in November because it was 80 degrees and no one at the fair has ever heard of shade.

Now, of course, I still have a metric crap ton of work to get caught up on and I am finally ready and able to happily throw myself into “catching up mode”.

(Unless we’re talking about laundry.)

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