My shame. Come look at it.

This is what Emma looks like when she needs a haircut:


This is what Emma looked like last week, when she was way beyond needing a haircut:


This is what Emma looks like after she has finally gotten her hair cut:


And this:


And this:


And, OK, actually more like this:


Oh, so cute!  So short and not tangled!  So “yes, Sweetheart, you hair looks just like Grandma’s now!  I know!”

But back to last Saturday, and her looking like this:


And her mother (some crazy woman) thinking “she has straight, thin hair.  We cut it in a straight line.  How hard can this be??


She looks just like her father in this picture.  As in – they both look like boys.

We call this look The Straight Ish.

And we call this the My Mother Is Going To Make Me Be Kate Gosselin For Halloween:

And she’s being such a good sport about it.

After over an hour of being perched on a barstool in the middle of our kitchen and having some crazy woman screech at her to just hold still or we will never get this done, she ran into the bathroom, took one look at herself in the mirror, and declared, “it’s fine, Mom!”


Just.  Like.  Her father.

(Who, coincidentally, has told me that I am never, ever allowed to come near him with a pair of scissors.)

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