I love

I love that I over share.  It lets someone in the world know that they are not alone, or crazy.

I love that I am not afraid of pain.  It doesn’t bother me to cry or fight or doubt.  Knowing this about myself makes me feel brave.

I love that I laugh.  Hard.  In damn near any situation.

I love that it doesn’t scare me if you cry.

I love that I care about what kind of mother I am.  I’m proud of the job I’m doing with these two little people that God gave me.

I love that I can tell you clearly, exactly why I am a Democrat.

I love my ability to empathize.  I may not agree with you, but I can stand in your shoes, if only for a moment, and mean it when I say that I understand.

I love that I assume that no one puts much stock into what I have to say.

I love that I’m constantly looking to learn how to do things better.

I love that I’m not afraid to wear yellow high heels.

I love that I’m able to forgive.

I love that I know exactly what I’m passionate about.

I love that there is more than one thing that I would describe as a “passion”.

I love that no matter how much I’m getting paid, I do my best.

I love that I can make people laugh, cry, and think with my words.

I love my hair.  I love even more that I’ve learned to love my hair.

I love that I yearn for more than mediocre.

I love my ability to act in a crisis.

I love that I can take charge without being asked.

I love that I’ll tell you if I notice that you’ve changed your hair or lost weight or put on a fabulous outfit.

I love that I’ll almost always notice.

I love that I’ll remember your name, and the name of the friend you went to high school with that you mentioned once in a story and how that was the friend who was with you at that concert you told me about.

I love that I keep trying to quit smoking, even if I keep taking it back up again.

I love that I am, more often than not, optimistic.

I love that I want to make you be more optimistic.

I love that I say what I’m thinking without thinking about saying it.

I love that I appreciate the awesomeness of babies.

I love my ability to problem solve.

I love that I’m not afraid of going to new places and that I’m confident I’ll be able to figure things out when I get there.

I love that I keep traveling, because it’s living my values out loud.

I love that I don’t let money hold me back.

I love that I know how to read a map.  And instruction manuals.

I love that I can cook – both from a recipe and from my gut.

I love that I can appreciate what it means to be with someone when they’re dying.

I love that it doesn’t occur to me to be embarrassed until it’s too late.

And most of all, I love that I’m willing to make a fool of myself in the interest of learning to love myself better.

What do you love about you?

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