If I Say “The Weekend: A Photo Essay” It Sounds More Interesting.

Friday night, there was this:

heather-and-absintheAnd this is Heather drinking absinthe in a fancy cafe in Atlanta.

And because she did it, I figured I would do it.  But do it cooler.  So I ordered an Absinthe Frappé. Because, I thought, an absinthe smoothie sounds awesome.  And if a frappuccino is a cappuccino frozen, then an absinthe frappé is obviously:


Not frozen.

Or smooth.

At all.

In fact, it is nothing smooth or frozen or any kind of good. It is awful.  Where awful means:

still-grossEven if you add water and sugar and $14.00 to it – it is still undrinkable.

In addition to the absinthe not frappés, there was also this:

britt-and-marni(Which is me and Marni)

And this:

anissa-and-ali(Which is Anissa who let me stay in her awesome house with her awesome family and Ali who doesn’t have to do anything but just BE to be awesome)

And also these people:


I don’t know who those people are, but apparently, he’s on twitter.

After drinks and food and the best desserts I’m never supposed to eat, there was this:

fabricYou’re not missing a joke.

Those are hangers full of fabric.

And we went and oohed and awwed over them.

At 11:00 o’clock at night.

Because we know how to party.

And also because of her:

debThat’s Deb.  She’s married to some guy.  And some guy told me that she was hosting an event promoting her really awesome fabric and stuff.  And he said something about free beer and wine.

Turns out, there was no beer or wine, but there was this really cool chic named Deb.  And she was better than beer and wine and absinthe frappes.  Plus, she said I was pretty.

After food and drinks and fabric, we went back to Anissa’s house to get a few hours of sleep.  We woke up early the next morning so that we could get an early start on our drive to Nashville.  Then we sat around until noon eating food that was cooked for us and falling in love with Anissa’s husband and kids.  (Like, seriously.  Jared came out at 11:15 tonight to ask me one more time “how is it that you meet the best people on the Internet who even have the best families?  Those people were awesome.”  To which I responded “I am the light.”)

Blah blah blah four hour drive blah blah blah talked about the state of our marriage blah blah blah yada yada yada Nasvhille.

And then there was this:




And after that there was swimming in the hotel pool and four people sharing a king size bed and 11 hours in a car and a 15 minute update on how much longer and remembering what it means to pee with someone looking for you and finally putting two kids to bed in their very own beds for approximately six times before it stuck. And all of it was perfect and awesome and worth it.

Because of this:


(Which is me wearing no makeup and not giving a shit.)

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