How To Update Twitter With Just The Flickr Pictures You Want

Shari called me last night and asked me how I email pictures to Twitter from my iPhone.  Janice asked me last Friday how I get mobile pictures from FlickR to Twitter without using TwitPic.  I heard a rumor that even the great and powerful Dave2 of Blogography had to have someone show him how to set this up once.

So, what the hell.  Here’s how I get some of my pictures to post on twitter without having every single picture I upload on flickr post to twitter:

1. Set up your Flickr account for email and special tags

Go to FlickR > You > Your Account


Go to the email tab.


Click to Edit your Flickr upload email

Add a tag to be assigned to any picture you email to Flickr.


Now, every time you email a picture to flickr, it will automatically be assigned the tag you chose.  Take note of the select email address.

2. Get the RSS Feed address for your tag.

Your Photostream > Tags > Click the name of the tag you selected

(You’re going to need at least one picture with this tag for it to work)


Click the name of the tag and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find the RSS feed link for just that tag.


3. Add that feed to TwitterFeed

The end.

Now when you take a picture, you can email it to the flickr address (I saved it to my phone contacts).  It will automatically upload with the attached tag, which will update that tag’s RSS, which will post to Twitter.

The subject of the email will be the sujbect of the picture – which you can designate in TwitterFeed to be part of your twitter status update.

The body of the email will be the description of your picture.  You can add other tags in the boy of the email by writing “Tags: , newtagshere, othertagshere,”

I cannot believe I just did an entire post about this.  Hopefully someone finds it useful.

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