An Open Letter To Independents and Undecided Voters

Dear Undecided Voters,

The presidential election is less than 60 days away, and yet the chief complaint I hear from you is “no one has told me what they’re going to do.  Everyone talks about change and no one tells me how they’re going to bring change“.

My friends, to you I say, bullshit.

Perhaps what you mean to say is:

“No one has tried to educate me on foreign policy with a 30 second commercial!”

“I can’t believe no one printed an economic stimulus plan on a yard sign!”

“I watched both conventions!  It seemed more like a party rally than an in depth policy meeting!”

In which case I say, No shit.

Political campaigning is as much about name recognition as it is anything else.  It’s utilizing branding and repetition in the same way that Colgate encourages you to associate their name with toothpaste instead of Crest.  And honestly, what more do you expect from TV and radio ads and 30 minute speeches??

The American attention span is about >this< long, and today’s political process is as much a result of that as it is a cause.

What you seem to be ignoring is the fact that both candidates have been telling you for months what they stand for and what they’ll do – or at least, what they’ll attempt to do.  But the real answers, the in depth answers that actually mean something, can’t be packaged inside a pretty ad or a TV appearance.

And quite frankly, you should know that.

If you don’t have your answers yet, it’s simply because you haven’t been looking for them.  You’ve allowed yourself to become lazy and complacent, sitting back and waiting for public policy to be spoon fed to you.  And then you complain when the candidates attempt to do just that.

If you are still undecided because of lack of information*, the fault is not with either candidate.  The blame for your lack of knowledge lies with you.

If you don’t care, admit you don’t care.  If you’re unsure because you’re waffling on which plan is best, then say you’re not sure which plan is best.

But don’t say you don’t know because you haven’t been told.

We only allow adults to vote in this country.  You, as the voting public, have been told everything you could possibly want to know.  You’ve been told about more than personal biographies and mud slinging.  You’ve had access all along to more than speeches and one liner quips.

The question, 60 days from the next presidential election, is no longer WHAT WILL THEY TELL YOU?  The question is, what responsibility will YOU TAKE in listening to what they’ve already said?

Get Informed.  It’s a verb.


One Seriously Pissed Off DECIDED Voter

P.S. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?   Information from each candidate starts behind the fold >>

The Economy:

John McCain has outlined the issues he thinks will effect the economy on his website.

Barack Obama has also outlined his economic plan on his website.

BOTH candidates’ plans would lower over all tax revenues (which, hello? WE HAVE A DEFICIT! Not necessarily a GOOD THING!)  The difference is in WHERE those cuts come from (Obama’s plan increases lower to middle income earners, McCain’s to highest income earners), HOW MUCH is cut, and WHAT IS DONE WITH THE MONEY THE GOVERNMENT DOES COLLECT.  Source.


Obama discusses in detail his priorities in regard to education on his website.

McCain discusses his thoughts on education on his website.

THIS is an issue where the candidates differ quite a bit.  If this is a priority for you, it might be important for you to have a better understanding of their different philosophies.  McCain favors encouraging competition among schools with vouchers, etc., while Obama’s focus is on making sure each school provides a quality education to it’s students.

Health Care:

Obama outlines his plan for providing universal access to health care on his site.

McCain gives an overview of his thoughts on health care on his site.  I will be completely honest and tell you I have no clue where the details are – but the link is here.

It is crucial to note that neither of these candidates is proposing the same Health Care plan that Hilary Clinton supported.  Neither Obama nor McCain believe in mandated health care for adults.  The exception is Obama’s insistence on providing insurance to children.


Do you want to know about abortion?  Afghanistan? Gay rights?  Each of the candidate’s sites have information if you look beyond the front page.  You can also get a more neutral and easier to read break down on CNN’s Election Issues Page.

*There is a big difference between being undecided because you don’t have all the information and being undecided because you are still trying to decide which issues and priorities mean the most to you. I would never suggest someone make a snap decision, even once they do have the answers they need.

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