Responsibility – Or, how my kids refuse to be exploited for this blog

It’s no secret that I’m an idealist.

I want good to triumph over evil. I want people to care and “do the right thing”. I believe in things like “making the world a better place”. If the glass is half full, with just a little more effort we can fill it up!

That’s me. So it’s no surprise I was all warm and fuzzy about The Responsibility Project.

What is it? Basically, Liberty Mutual ran a commercial back in the day about doing the right thing. Strangers helping strangers. Yada yada yada. After the ad ran, people actually took the time to send in letters thanking them. Which begs the question…

WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THIS CRAP?? Seriously. This is a totally unrelated aside here, but I can honestly say I have never watched a commercial on TV and thought “hm, I am going to track down the company who made that ad and find their address and send them a letter to tell them that YOUR TV COMMERCIAL CHANGED MAH LIFE.”

ANYway, apparently that’s just me.

A bunch of people responded to these ads, and so they decided to take it a step further and dedicate an entire web site to short films about doing the right thing. Aaaand now I’m back on board.

The idea is you watch these clips with your kids and it gets them talking about Responsibility. Forced conversations with my children about social responsibility – again, right up my alley.

I sat Emma and Devin down and told them I wanted to watch some cartoons with them.

“Is it Ben10??!”
“Is Dora on it? WHERE IS DORA!!!”

Please sit down and shut up and just play along for God’s sake so that we can discuss your social consciousness.

We watched three of the “films”. True to form, I was all “awwww, see? If you just look out for one another…” and “isn’t it awesome when people do the right thing without being asked?” and “I love you guys, I really do. AND I LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD.”

I think I am what they call the target audience.

My kids response was a little more… varied:

Ha! I get it! It’s supposed to be funny!
Where are the WunderPets? Are they on next? I want WunderPets!
It was all his fault! That’s what he gets! YEAH!
I want juice. Will someone get my some juice? Mom. Please. I need juiiiiiice.
They should have just rock, paper, scissors, shoot. That’s how you solve everything.

Hrm. I’m not exactly sure that was the response either Liberty Mutual or I was looking for.

On the plus side? I got two kids to sit by me on the couch at the same time for a total of 15 minutes before they lost interest and wandered off to do something else.

Some of you might have noticed on Sundays I talk about different companies, products, etc. These come from a relationship I have with Mom Central, and I choose every single topic I cover. I’ve gotten emails from people wondering how you can do something similar, and I cannot recommend the women at Mom Central enough.

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