I Fear This May Be The End For Us

Listen, I have some things to tell you and you’re not going to like it.

And to be honest with you? It’s taken me about 5 false starts just to get this post out. Because I so very much want you to like this place. But sometimes… well, sometimes I just have to take a deep breath and say “fuck it. This is my space, not theirs.”


**Deep Breath**

Housekeeping links that everyone absolutely hates to read on blogs:

I am guest posting at Secondhand Karl’s place today. Technically, I am copying and pasting an old post of mine over there. Don’t you want to just run right over and read that? Of course you do. Everyone loves a rerun.


I am also posting today at Blissfully Domestic’s Style & Fashion channel. We’ll be relaunching in a few weeks and I’m so excited about what we’re putting together there. And have I mentioned I’M THE EDITOR OF THE CHANNEL?!?! Ahem. Yeah. I’m a little excited about that. (P.S. I’m looking for more contributors. Email me if you like fashion, style, clothes, makeup, etc. etc. etc. Shallow Whores UNITE!)


I had a blast on Clearly, You’re Retarded last night. We discussed Ageism and established that I am brilliant and Adam is an un-evolved shit. Don’t believe me? Download it here! (P.S. My husband listened in and joined in the chatroom. Is it weird I found that ridiculously hot?)


And FINALLY – I have a special discount available for a blogging conference here in Orlando! IZEAFest is happening September 11-13th (or, um, just the 13th for those of us who have to work. Dammit!) I’ll be attending and asked if I could extend a discount to any other Florida bloggers who want to make the trip! Register here to get $15 off IZEAfest registration.


OK. That’s it. Are you still here? You aren’t, are you?

I knew it! I knew if I stopped performing for you for even one minute you would drop me like a hot potato and move on to a younger, slimmer blogger and you would forget all about me! I’m just an old feed to you! *SOB*

(P.S. Have you entered my contest from this weekend yet? It ends tomorrow!)

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