So… we’re going to talk about abortion

I wonder how many people won’t click through to read this post once they see the title in their feed reader.

I wonder how many people will read it out of morbid curiosity, but refuse to comment because “that’s just one of those things I don’t discuss with people”.

I don’t get that.

I’ve heard about The Party Rule. The three things you don’t discuss at a party are religion, politics and money. Because apparently it is rude and always leads to a fight.

People need to grow the fuck up. Seriously.

Why is it acceptable to discuss your sex life, your parenting tactics or your masturbation habits in front of complete strangers – but God forbid you ask someone “who do you think would make a good leader for the country?” Oh no. That will offend someone.

We’re becoming a nation of idiots.

And do you know why? Because we’ve gotten out of the habit of having intelligent discussion. In fact, we now go so far as to avoid it at all costs. And why? Because someone might think you are wrong?? Because someone might challenge your way of thinking??

Good! They should!

Your opinions and conclusions don’t mean shit unless they’ve been challenged – by you and by someone who thinks differently than you.

There needs to be a place for respectful, intelligent debate in today’s society. Especially if you live in a democratic society where your opinion – God help us all – actually contributes to the decisions that are being made.

We need to stop being so afraid of being wrong. We need to learn that there are more important things than being right – and that being able to have a discussion with someone who has enough respect for you to challenge you is anything but offensive.

And so… we’re going to talk about abortion.

Clearly You're Retarded - On Talk Shoe

We are not discussing whether or not abortion should be legal or illegal. We are not discussing whether or not it is moral or immoral. Although, we could.

What we will be discussing is what rights should men have in regards to abortion and pregnancy?

This should be interesting. I will likely call Adam a fucking moron before the end of the show. But I promise, I will be saying it with all due respect.

Listen in or join us live at 9pm EST tonight on TalkShoe.

AmyD asked me to post some information on a Vietnam Vet her family is looking for. I can’t tell
AmyD no – so here it is:

Charles R Stevens- Indianapolis, Indiana (from there)
Marine Corp
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Echo Company, Da Nang, August 1966-1967
Weapons Platoon, Machine Gun

Graduated from Camp Pendelton and served in Da Nang with Gene Bishop. They trained and graduated together, and spent 48 hours in Okinawa awaiting transit together. They were separated upon arriving at Da Nang Air Force Base, Gene Bishop and Stevens served together until Bishop was wounded in Operation Stone, in 1967 and shipped out to Guam, and then Oakland Naval Hospital in the States.

If you have any information that could help, please email amy at amysmusings dot com.

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