Wherever I Go, There I’ll Be

Tomorrow is the big day.

BrittCon 2008.

And although I’ve been planning it for over a month now, I still cannot get over how totally and completely ridiculous that name is.

For those of you who may be new here or just have other more important things to remember, BrittCon (cringe) is the result of me freaking the fuck out about my life, and finally remembering that Life. Waits. For. No One. As I said a month ago, this trip is

not another “carrot”. It’s not a temporary escape from Real Life. But it absolutely is an integral part of me being true to who I am and consciously living my life the way I need to.

So. All caught up? Great.

Here’s where we’ll be for the next three days:

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As you can obviously tell by my CAREFULLY COLOR CODED BUT NOT AT ALL OCD OR ITINERARY NAZI map, I’ve split the trip up into three parts.

Friday we’ll be hitting the Midtown, including Times Square, the Empire State Building, and a long anticipated rendezvous with Championable’s Rich.

Saturday we’ll be all over Downtown (that’s Downtown Manhattan for you non-New Yorker types). This means the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Chinatown, Little Italy, 1.7 bathroom breaks, Rockefeller Center, and the cutest little walking shoes you’ve ever seen.

We might also stop to eat food on the street. If there’s time.

Saturday night we’ll be hitting the Subway and some HIGHLY RATED BY AOL SO YOU KNOW IT MUST BE GOOD Karaoke joint. Oh yes. I said it. Karaoke. In New York City. You can all thank me now for the inevitably forthcoming videos.

We might take a break to sleep. But I doubt it.

And then, finally, on Sunday we’ll put on our Ladies Who Lunch outfits and make our way around Upper Manhattan. I have no idea what that’s called. Uptown? Like, Uptown Girls? *light bulb* I picture us strolling through The Metropolitan Museum of Art and tossing bread crumbs to the geese in Central Park. Or playing a rousing game of Is That Hooker A Man, Baby.

Eventually they’ll make me get on a plane to come home Sunday night. Assuming they can catch me.

And because I am sure that reading through an itinerary of my weekend has been so terribly exciting for you and you are absolutely foaming at the mouth for more…

I’ll be on Twitter all weekend long. That means you can get CONSTANT UPDATES that are JUST AS HIGHLY ENTERTAINING as this. Except live. And smaller. If you’re not on Twitter (because you are clearly crazy), you can sign up free here and follow me. If you don’t intend to sit by your computer all weekend, you can even have the updates sent to your phone via text and that would NOT BE WEIRD AT ALL.

I’ll also be updating my Flickr all weekend long. You can either spend your entire day here refreshing the page and checking for updates to the iLife section OR you can subscribe to that Flickr Feed here. Both of those options are completely acceptable and NOT AT ALL WEIRD OR STALKER LIKE. At all.

Unless you’re my mom. And then it’s a little NO I WILL NOT TEXT YOU WHEN I LAND!


And finally, if living vicariously through me via Twitter and Flickr is simply not enough for you and you are going to be in the New York area during a taping of… um… sorry. If you would like to join us, shoot me an email. We’d be happy to have you. You can reach me at britt at miss-britt.com.

Unless you’re a crazy stalker ax murderer. Then you should email someone else.

(Note to Self: pack taser. And mace.)

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