In Love and In Place

I’m home.

I got home at 5:30 this morning thanks to a “flight delay” and JetBlue needing to SUCK MY BIG COTTAGE CHEESE ASS!! Ahem.

That being said, I just rolled my sweaty, stinky butt out of bed at about one o’clock this afternoon. So there will be no NYC Recap this morning. But Mom? NO I’M NOT DEAD!

(P.S. What does it say about your life when your mom checks your blog to see if you’re OK?)

I can tell you briefly, however, that:

I love, love, love my roommates.

I am so, so grateful for the Poppy.

I love, love, love my husband.

I cannot WAIT to hold my kids.

And New York?

Was exactly what my heart always knew it would be. It is a strange thing to step into the spot where your life “would have been” if you had, previously, taken the other path at the fork in the road. It was an eerie, surreal feeling standing on those streets for the first time and feeling like I was home.

I felt my heart beat in time to the city’s.

There is no way for me to explain to you the synchronicity I experienced there. You would tilt your head and look at me like I was crazy if I tried to make you understand the click I heard inside of me, the distinctive sound of a piece sliding into place.

So I will tell you about the sites we saw and the things we missed. I will show you the pictures we took that you can understand with your own eyes. I will tell you all about my Vacation to A Place called New York City.

Tomorrow, I will tell you.

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