Miss Britt Goes To TequilaCon: A Photo Essay

So, as you might have heard, I went to a little blogger get together called TequilaCon on Friday.

Here’s how it went down:

At about 12:45, Avitable and I boarded a plane from Orlando heading to Philadelphia. Of course, we kissed our loved ones good by from our iPhones first.


The bad thing about traveling with Avitable is he makes me buy him water. At a gazillion dollars a bottle at the fucking airport snack bar. The good thing is he’s a pretentious ass and upgraded us both to Business Class.



We landed about who cares what time o’clock and were greeted at the airport by Karl and Hello Ha Ha Narf. No, I do not have pictures of that. Why would I have taken pictures of that?

We drove through the very lovely Philadelphia to get to our very lovely Hotel La Sheraton.


Once we checked in, we had to call Hilly and explain to her that we could not come pick her up from the airport – but we would happily send a cab.

While Hilly was happily taking a cab from the airport, we found a few more bloggers who were also stuck in traffic.
By the time Hilly got to The Hotel La Sheraton, we were prepared to make it up to her welcome her.


Oh my God. I just realized I have no pictures of welcoming Hilly!

Oh. Wait.


Blah blah blah, yada yada yada, we all met up in the hotel restaurant to go out for dinner.


After spending all of someone else’s money on food and booze, we retired to the bar.


The End.

Of The First Night.

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