Kicking Off The Holidays: A Photo Essay

Doesn’t “photo essay” sound so grown up?

ANYway, we celebrated a magnificent Thanksgiving with our friends Deanna and Lee. And while I could have been all sad that I was spending my first Thanksgiving without family, surrounded by a bunch of people who normally give thanks in October – I was too busy being overwhelmed by the fact that only 3 months since The Move, we were already lucky enough to have friends we could spend the Holidays with. Really, how cool is that?

That being said, I have no pictures of Thanksgiving because the Canadian bitch put me on camera duty with her camera, and then forgot to give me digital copies of the pictures. She says she forgot, but I know it’s because she hates it when I post pictures of her online. Chicken.

But rest assured, the rest of the weekend was well documented!

With Thanksgiving out of the way and Black Friday passed and sadly neglected, it was time to kick off Christmas! Yay!

A Real Live Evergreen! In Florida!

We dragged it inside.






Fucking fake real trees are kind of a bitch to get standing up straight. (Edited because I’m retarded.  Not witty.)

Eventually, after taking the tree out of the stand, putting the tree back in the stand, taking it out, putting it in, cussing possibly at me, taking it out, sawing off limbs, and putting the tree back in the stand… we had a fairly straight tree.

We were ready to begin the decorating.



The boy, he is mine.

The girl… well, she’s at that age where everything she does melts my butter…


Eventually, we finished the tedious task of lighting and star topping and got the hell out of the way so that I could commence with the real decorating. My tree is the one thing I am anal retentive about. My tree matches. And is perfect. And wait til you see the –


My motherfuckingcocksuckingsonofabitching camera died!

I had to resort to using the video camera. Which sucks.

My beautiful, color coordinated, Martha Stewart Would Want To Have My Babies Tree, looks like something out of a 70′s horror film.



Lest you be concerned that I do not allow the children to enjoy the holidays and blah blah blah – they get their own tree. And they get to decorate it all by themselves with no fussing or nit picking from me.


After the trees were done, I finished putting out the rest of my measly Christmas array (and holy crap seriously this house needs way more decorations than the old one did!)

We have the Nativity Scene


And the stockings


And, of course, the wreath.


And that’s pretty much it. Except for a few outside lights.

It’s not much and I definitely want more. But between our very own Thanksgiving (two, actually, and I have pictures of the second one for later! I cooked! Yay!) and decking our very own holidays, I believe it’s official.

The holiday season has arrived.


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