And sometimes… life is good.

Hello?  *tap, tap*  Hello?

Is there anyone left?  I know I’ve abandoned you for… for… well it might as well be forever with the average attention span of a blogger.

I’m sorry.  I know.  I’ve been very, very bad and a select few of you will be allowed to punish me.  No, not you.  You, sit down. *sigh*

ANYway… let’s see, what has happened since the last time I posted….

Oh yeah.  I, um, bought a house.  In Florida.  A brand spanking new house in a fancy schmancy neighborhood (back off spell checker – schmancy is totally a word!).

So there’s that.

Um… what else…

Oh, well I sold house #2.  Last night.  At about 9:15pm.  I guess the technical term is “I accepted an offer on my house”.  Or, is it, “I accepted an offer on my house exactly one fucking week after it went on the market!!!!!”?  ToMAYto, ToMAHto.

Yeah.  So.  In less than a week I have sold two houses, bought another one, and been approved for financing on my new beautiful brand fucking new no one has ever pooped in the toilet house.  And, as of this morning, my boss has officially approved me to keep working from Florida.  Yay!

I have to be out August 10th.

30 Days.

Holy. Shit.

I still can’t believe we did it.  The months and months of hard work.  The late nights.  The days without showering and being covered in dirt and dust and paint.  The bickering and the arguing about paint color and landscaping and what to fix and what to leave.  The absolute break downs and sobbing when it seemed like we were in way over our heads.  When it seemed like “they” were right, and we were crazy.  The what if’s.  The contingency plans.  The constant yo yo between day dreaming bliss and absolute despair.

It’s all led up to this.  The most perfectly laid out previous five days.  It makes me dizzy thinking about how wonderfully everything has fallen into place.

I will be posting pictures and details and constant gushing over the next couple days.  Then, of course, I will be posting whining and ranting and constant bitching for the next few weeks as I attempt to move a family of four 1428 miles.

But for now… for now I’m just basking.  For now I’m just enjoying this:


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