Everyone, quick! Think, “Labor”!

Holy shit balls we got an offer almost.  Kinda.  Sorta.

I mean, we got an offer for an offer.  Possibly.  At some point.

According to my realtor:

“Britt, the gal that showed your house on 5-24-07 brought her client thru again today,

she wants the following print outs from the utility company, rural water bill and the propane the last year

she is interested, but is waiting for a payoff from some retirement fund she is cashing in and her baby is past due, so the realtor said she wants to see these print outs, and after her baby is born and she gets her check for the payoff she is hopefully planning on giving an offer………. she also wants the window airs put in and running so she knows that they work…… “

See?  Kinda.  Sorta.  Like an offer almost.

I mean, she needs print outs and shit.  And I have to put the window air units that come with the house in.  And I don’t know what the heck kind of pay off she’s waiting for or when that would be or when this baby would be coming or if when she gets all that for sure she will actually, in fact, like for REAL make an offer…

But damn it! Listen!  This is the closest we’ve been so just GIVE ME MY MOMENT, alright?

And also?  Could you give me your vibes, too?  Pretty please?

Everyone…. all together…. think… WATER (as in breaking)!  Think LABOR PAINS!!  Think BABY! And PAYOFFS!  And no bureaucratic bullshit to hold off the PAYOFF!!

Say it with me:





and me selling my mother fricking house!!!

(do NOT send me your congratulations and what not’s just yet… just your vibes, please, thanks, buh-bye)

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