What’s more tired than exhausted?

Holy. Shit.

I am soooo tired.  Bone. Tired.

In the last three days I have spent 30 hours doing manual freaking labor.

I have like three weeks worth of laundry piled up.

I’m wearing underwear I didn’t even remember I owned.

I’m not sure my son is even wearing underwear.

I still haven’t unpacked from my trip to Florida.

I haven’t cooked an actual meal in my house in at least a week.  And there is no such thing as low carb pizza.  So I’m getting fat.  Although I haven’t even had the time to step on a scale – which is OK because I can live in denial for a little while longer about just HOW fat I’m getting. And how quickly.  And low carb really sucks when you stop doing it.

There is so much dirt and dust and shit – I mean probably literally actually shit if I looked hard enough – piling up everywhere in my house (the one that I live in).

I have something like 136 unread feeds in my feed reader.

And I want to take a bath.  A real bath. So, so badly.  But I haven’t been home and awake long enough to even do that.

But.  BUT…

My house (the one that I’m not living in) is officially ON THE MARKET!!

Yee. Fucking. Ha.

So.  Anyone looking for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on .2 acres in BFE Iowa for $77,500?

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