I know, I’m late

I’m late, I know.  I was up until about 11:30 talking to The Husband, and I’ll give you all updates on that soon, promise.  But me being up late coupled with me sleeping in fucked up my whole “workout, eat, blog” morning routine.

A few things, so I can technically say I totally blogged today.

1. Ho. Lee. Shit.  You people are amazing.  I cannot believe the outpouring of advice and compassion and support I got here yesterday.  All of it, all of you (even you, Mist, with your spot on shoe shopping advice) – I was overwhelmed.

It also inspired me to think a little more about Internet relationships vs. “real life” relationships. Hopefully I can cobble together a post on that in the near future.

2. You may continue to show your love and support by voting for me in another stupid fucking contest.  I don’t care if you think it’s spam, or if you think I’m a whore, or if you need more fiber in your diet.  Click here.  Find my name.  Vote me.  Or you will not be eligible for The Club.

And don’t think I won’t know.  I’ll know.  I have stats.  And visitor tracking.  And high tech shit.  I. Will. Know.

3. I was tagged by the whore with beautiful natural hair color wonderfully pregnant Deb.  Everyone knows you don’t piss of the pregos.  They could eat you.  Or trample you.  Or make you Godmother to their babies or something (which OMG I HAVE A NEW GOD DAUGHTER AS OF 7:10 THIS MORNING!!!!!)

So.  The tag, or, er, the Meme.  3 songs you could not live without.. or, 3 songs you’d have to hear… or, er…

Oh, I guess technically it is “Three Songs You Have To Hear Before The Music Died”. What the fuck?

Anyway, three songs I love love love love love… m’kay?

No.  Scratch that.  This is my blog and I can meme how I want to.  So, in honor of my upcoming rendezvous with Prince

Three Prince Songs I Love More Than Life – and Why

1. Let’s Go Crazy – this song instantly perks me up.  Instantly.  It also sends me into an 80′s dance frenzy.  It doesn’t matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, I hear this song and start spazzing.  This song happens to be the song played on the Rio boxoffice hold line and I missed the entire menu – twice – because I was so caught up in the song.

2. Cream – oh. baby.  Lyrically this song is ridiculous.  And yet it is audio porn for me.  And the video??  Well that’s just straight porn.  Period.  Barely work safe porn.  Yum.

3. Purple Rain – I don’t care if this is a cop out.  If Prince sings Purple Rain in 12 days to me, I may not come home.  In fact, I may not be able to leave the club because I will be a puddle of goo on the floor that can only be removed with a mop and bucket.

So, there you have it.  A craptastic post but a post none the less for those of you who have to have your daily dose in order to get through your day.  Don’t say I never did anything for ya.

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