Who’s Yo Template Mamma NOW?

Can you see me?  I’m doing it….

The Naked Happy Dance!!

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!

Tracy Someone is still working on my “regular” template.  But lucky for me, Amy got some kind of weird creative bug up her ass and wanted to make seasonal templates!  (Well that or she was tired of listening to me whine.  Or tired of looking at my ugly ass site when I made her go read my blog.  Or she’s just really, really nice all the damn time.)

Anyway – look at me!!  Isn’t it beautimous?!

And… I did part of it all by myself.  Yes I did.

I… wait for it… wait for it… change the color of the text for the posts.  That’s right bitches.  Who’s the Code Diva now?  Uh huh, oh yeah!

Seriously.  I’m gyrating around my office.  Fuck.  Now I have to go explain to my boss what I’ve been doing all day… something that will explain the gyrating…

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