My First Post… Kind of…

OK. The Blog God is trying to tell me something.

I thought He was trying to tell me that He hated me. And that I was too fucking stupid to figure out WordPress and importing and exporting and maybe I should just hand over my computer to someone with a brain.

But that doesn’t seem very nice.

So instead, I’ve decided that He’s trying to tell me I need a fresh start. So I’m not going to beat myself up or send anymore “help me before I kill someone” emails to Amy.

My old blog was “discovered” (or hunted down, depending on your take on the situation) – and the fall out hasn’t been very pretty. Stupid me. I took it down immediately, after attempting to save the posts – because although they apparently portrayed me as a “double life fraudulent slut”, they were MY words. And the idea of wiping all of those words from existence just bugs me. Probably the “narcasstic egotistical brat” in me.

Anyway. I’m rambling. The point is – I tried to import them here with the intention of password protecting the “bad” posts. But I’m just not that damn smart (and if you ever repeat that, I will hunt you down and torture you slowly). So I’m starting from scratch.

And here I sit. With a blank page once again. It’s very zen – doncha think?

(Yeah, me neither. I’m off to at least figure out how to make my damn template pretty again!)

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