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Wii and Wii Fit Giveaway Results

*sigh* This was a lot cooler in my head and on my freaking computer. Dammit. Anyway, an email has been sent to the winner. And I’m really, really ready for PMS day to be OVER. The end.

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Experts Agree: Tuesday is the new Monday when it comes to weekend recaps.

When I fall behind on work stuff, my tendency is to push life aside and throw myself into getting “caught up”.  I can’t stand the idea of letting people down or just barely making a deadline or meeting only the … Continue reading

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Someone is after mah man! **UPDATED**

Dear Wii Fit, I did not take it personally when you said I was slightly overweight. I admit, I was impressed that you could weigh me so accurately. I did not get mad when you stopped mid push up to … Continue reading

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