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3 Things We Should Learn from the Honey Badger

Jared and I have recently begun referring to my daughter Emma as a honey badger. We mean it mostly as a compliment, although one only understood by YouTube or Wild Kratts fans. Fortunately, Emma is well-versed in the abilities of … Continue reading

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When Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Sucks

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already guessed that this post is about the party/networking event I attended at a bar in Orlando on Friday night. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (or do and just … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Learn About Rejection From Metallica

This week has been filled with angst, rejection, insecurities, and pity parties at my house. All of them mine. I’ve worried that “nothing will work”, that I’m “not good enough”, and that I’m “putting myself out there for nothing.” I … Continue reading

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