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Two Months on the Road

It’s official. We’ve been traveling for two months. For two months, we’ve been living in an RV, moving from town to town, making our way up the East Coast of the United States. For two months, we’ve shared a small … Continue reading

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Savannah Artist Proves There’s No Such Thing as Too Late or Too Old

I met Bill Rousseau at the City Market Art Center. My family was walking through the studio galleries, marveling at the talent and weeping at the beauty we couldn’t bring home. Some of us wept inwardly while some of us, … Continue reading

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How To “Just Be”: A Learn-As-I-Go Guide

I wrote Monday about my desire to spend the next two months learning to “Just Be”. Yes, it’s something I need to learn. After writing that post and posing the question, What does “just being” mean to you?, I found … Continue reading

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What Craigslist Taught Me About Life Being A Journey

Jared came into the house to grab a neon yellow rope and to make sure I looked outside. He was trying not to laugh, but I could barely understand him around his half-suppressed giggles. “Oh man… seem like… nice kids… you … Continue reading

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