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How To “Just Be”: A Learn-As-I-Go Guide

I wrote Monday about my desire to spend the next two months learning to “Just Be”. Yes, it’s something I need to learn. After writing that post and posing the question, What does “just being” mean to you?, I found … Continue reading

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6 Blogs That Will Make Your Life Better

There is a lot of stuff on the Internet. Some of it’s funny, some of it is smart, and some of it just sucks you in for no good reason other than HAMSTERS DANCING ARE ALWAYS FUNNY! REPEAT! But occasionally, something … Continue reading

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A Letter To Your Son

Dear Baby Boy, I already know the name that your parents are going to call you.  I’m saying it in my head now as I think of you.  I’m hearing the way your mother says it, and wondering if I … Continue reading

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