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Why “it’s not about you” is utter bullshit.

“It’s not about you.” I fucking hate it when people say that.  Because, while it may be true and healthy, it’s usually said to let someone know that their feelings are stupid. “It’s not about you… it’s about me.” That … Continue reading

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On Faces And Eyes, Specifically Mine.

It was a mistake.  An error in a shipping label or a database glitch, maybe, but a mistake for sure. And yet this completely coincidental accident seemed anything but coincidental. **** It was odd for me to email her.  Although … Continue reading

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A fate worse than spandex. A photo essay.

I have discovered something worse than shopping for jeans. No. Wait. I have discovered something worse than shopping for swimsuits. Last night, I spent roughly 4 hours cleaning out my closet. Oh, yes. That is worse than getting in miniature … Continue reading

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