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Happiness Highlights: Art in Grand Rapids

The music thumped off the smooth walls and wood floors, the echoes of the lead singer softened only by the throng of bodies flooding the wide hallways. The Crane Wives were rocking out, but the local band wasn’t what had … Continue reading

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Boom. Inspiration.

I was walking to dinner last night when it happened. The fragments of ideas from all the corners of my brain found their rallying point and surged into place. And I knew. Boom. Magic. I love it when inspiration shows up. Who … Continue reading

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Inspired by a New York City Street Musician to Live from the Heart

We heard his drums on the Literary Walk in Central Park last week. They were strong and soulful, seducing attention in a city filled with noise and attention-seekers. He smiled as he played, even before we dropped a dollar in … Continue reading

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Go Climb A Lighthouse

Emma and I climbed a lighthouse last night. You should do that. Let me back up. We had to drop Devin off at recorder practice (yes, that’s a thing) at an elementary school about 30 minutes away from our house. … Continue reading

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On Karen

My gift, I think, is to help people feel less alone in their messes.  To remind them that we have all cried in the dark, avoided our reflection in the mirror, ruined someone else’s day, and lived to tell about … Continue reading

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Is Groveling Considered Heroic?

My dear, sweet, wonderful, brilliant readers… Have I told you how pretty you look today? And that your ass looks amazing in those pants? No? Well you do. And it does. Oh, and, by the way, I have a favor … Continue reading

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