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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

“It’s okay not to be okay” – Jessie J, Who You Are Sometimes happiness is hard. It’s ironic, I know. Shouldn’t happiness be easy? It can be. But I don’t believe we can remain happy without dealing with seasons of … Continue reading

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There’s nothing wrong with you.

Have you ever asked yourself… What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy? Why can’t I be more like ____ ? Why isn’t anything ever good enough for me? Is there really more out there? Or do I … Continue reading

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Why “it’s not about you” is utter bullshit.

“It’s not about you.” I fucking hate it when people say that.  Because, while it may be true and healthy, it’s usually said to let someone know that their feelings are stupid. “It’s not about you… it’s about me.” That … Continue reading

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20 Things I Want You To Hear

Blog memes are like bell bottoms. It doesn’t matter how good or bad of an idea they were in the first place, they always come back around eventually. The most recent one to resurface is the “Things I Would Love … Continue reading

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