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Fueling Up The Self Worth Tank

From the oh so wise Poppy: “Soooooo, here’s the challenge: Fill up someone else’s self worth tank. Let’s say nice things about how awesome each other is so that we feel like our existence on this planet is not a … Continue reading

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Inspired by Finn, and Vanity Fair. Miss Britt and the Proust Questionnaire: What is your most marked characteristic? My need to be heard, which is really secondary to my need to be understood. What is the quality you most like … Continue reading

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You Might Not Know That I…

…rarely drive more than 5 miles over the speed limit. …own multiple hot glue guns. Which I’ve used. …can sew. …hate recapping. If you ask me how my day was, I’ll tell you it was “fine”. ,,,would rather have salt … Continue reading

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