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Learning to Let Go of Expectations

I went to a writer’s conference last weekend and I was ripe with expectations. I visualized and thought positively and did my best to manifest exactly what I wanted with my mind. Not surprisingly, I found myself disappointed at one … Continue reading

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Stress Confession

I’ve started grinding my teeth again. A lot. And knowing that makes me feel extremely guilty. I grind my teeth when I’m stressed. I also hunch my shoulders and get lower back pain from being physically tense. I’m living a … Continue reading

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What We Could Give Up

I remember a time about eight years ago when Jared and I were desperately trying to come up with a list of things we could live without. We were broke. More than broke. We had way more month than money … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I had breakfast Sunday morning with Hilly, Adam, Adam’s wife Amy, Faiqa and Shari.  (I wonder what it’s like to have friend who don’t require links when you mention them…) Faiqa is pregnant, so damn near every time I see … Continue reading

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