Follow your heart


Following your heart should be a no brainer, right? I thought so too. Too many of us chase the prestige, corner office and endless cash in our money clips. Unfortunately, that is not always the road to fulfillment. How many of us have done things that we didn’t want to do, and which brought us little joy, just to please others? How often do we buckle down to the demands of others, be it people in authority, parents, guardians, teachers, or just people we hold in such a high regard as to sacrifice our happiness for? What is sad is that when your sacrifice is not reciprocated, you not only feel cheated, but also your self-esteem takes a big knocking.

You could be smiling in the family websites, showing off your new outfit and oofos sandals but when all the glamour is gone, when nobody’s watching, how happy are you?

Following your heart involves defying the norms. It is following that which truly makes you happy as opposed to that which promises other things be it acceptance, money or even fame. It pains me to listen to friends and colleagues explain to me how they spent years and years doing that difficult medical or engineering course, searching every SEO blog and spending countless hours in the library only in a bid to please their parents. Upon finishing, they land that ‘dream’ job, rise to become the who’s who in their fields be it surgeons, SEO Company CEOs with an exquisite business card holder, chief engineers and the like, having a lot of money but still not happy.

Was life supposed to be all about money and possessions, why can’t I be allowed to enjoy that simple job that I love, hang out with those simple friends that add value to my life and wear my favorite outfit complete with shoes with my favorite Spenco Insoles, without having to feel like I am letting down someone or like I have underachieved? Should my real estate website design conform to the taste of somebody else for me to feel like I am going in the right direction? These are all questions that we struggle with in pursuit of happiness.

Relationships have been ruined by pressures external pressures. If I have to dress, walk and act like your favorite celebrity for me to fit in the relationship, what’s the point? What about me, my walking style, my way of dressing and all, does that mean they are crappy, and if yes, then why are you with me in the first place?

Following your heart raises more questions than answers but I just hope that we can all be bold to let our voices be heard.

Till next time.

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