Happiness Highlights: Homesick Edition

Last week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for us. We said goodbye to friends in Pittsburgh, discovered the hidden beauty of Hocking Hills, Ohio, met up with family in central Indiana, then said goodbye to family through lots of tears.


Sunday morning found me questioning if we’d made the right decision – are making the right decision – to live so far away from our families in Iowa.

I often say that I think it’s important that parents don’t put their lives on hold for their children, but as I held my little girl while she sobbed about having to leave her grandma, nothing in the world seemed more important than making her happy again. My own homesickness mixed with her sadness and it took a phone call to my own mom to stop me from turning the RV towards Iowa for good.

Jared and I spent the drive to Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday talking about our choices – the sacrifices we’ve made and what we might be gaining in exchange. We talked about why we choose to spend so much of our time and money traveling right now, even though that means giving up time with loved ones and the easy comfort that comes from living in your hometown. It was reassuring to be able to go through all of the decisions we’ve made over the last few years and confirm that we’d make the same ones again. It was nice to hear Jared lay out the benefits he sees of us living the way we do right now.

Are we all a little homesick right now? Yeah, we are. But I’m also incredibly grateful to have had both of these pictures taken in the same week:


Skipping rocks with cousins in Indiana


Safely on the ground after scenic air tour of Hocking Hills

And I’m lucky, too.

Because my kids were happy in both photos.

What made you happy this week?

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