I Did My Scary Thing to Challenge You


I did it.

I said enough with this fear and procrastination crap, and I emailed out my first pitch letter to a major magazine.

And then I went and spent $35 on magazines for the purpose of research and ordered a copy of the 2012 Writer’s Market.

I did it because I have proof that I can lead any kind of life I want as long as I take responsibility for that power, and I refuse to be the reason I don’t live my dreams.

And I did it because of you.

I did it because you believed in me. I did it because you made the realities clear when my insecurities tried to twist them. And I did it because I cannot stand the idea of you being afraid or settling for less than everything you deserve.

I needed you to know that you can leap even when you are afraid, that you can do anything. Anything. But how can I have more faith in you than I do in myself? How can I want more for you than I do for me? And how can you be so confident in what I can do, and still be unaware of your own amazing gifts? We can’t keep doing this to ourselves, you and I.

I thought that maybe if I did this thing that scared me, this thing that was easy on paper but terrifying in my head, that you would know that you could do your scary thing, too.

And so I did it.

Will you?

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