How Photography Helps Me Live Better


We’re constantly told to keep things in perspective, to maintain perspective, as if there is one true way in which to view the world and our lives in it. I think that’s dangerously limiting. Holding tight to perspective can prevent happiness and, I believe, adds to continued intolerance.

I love photography because it forces me to practice looking at life from different perspectives.


Photography teaches me to shift from big picture to small and back again. A step to the left creates a completely new picture, complete with shadows and subtleties that could never be fully appreciated if that small step to the side hadn’t been taken. Hunting for the right picture teaches me flexibility and reminds me that there is always another angle from which the world can be seen.


A change in perspective, a look at life through a new lens, fosters understanding, empathy, and then compassion. It promotes conversation and compromise. It guarantees us endless options for finding happiness and beauty in every single moment of this very real and sometimes hard life.


What helps you shift perspective?

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