18 Things We Learned During 30 Days of Traveling

We’ve been on the road for 30 days, a full month! It feels like time is flying by, but it also seems like ages ago that Jared was working and the kids were in school. Last night, the three of us sat down and thought about some of the things we’ve learned during our first month of traveling.

18 Things We Learned Our First Month on the Road


1. There is a difference between traveling and taking a vacation.

2. Time together and time apart are both important for maintaining healthy relationships.

3. What you can provide your children has almost nothing to do with how grateful (or ungrateful) they will be.

4. Riding a bike gets easier with practice.

5. Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

6. Don’t put stuff off. Just do it, even if you think the outcome or news will be bad.

7. Just sitting is easier to do in a pretty environment.

8. Sitting quietly outside is more effective for decompressing and recharging than sitting quietly in front of a screen.

9. A good s’mores takes time.

10. Don’t spend all your money on stuff that’s not important. (Direct quote from Emma when asked what she’d learned.)

11. People and places can surprise you. Even if you don’t have the time to learn the back story, remember that there always is one.

12. The Midwest isn’t the only place where corn is grown.

13. You can make a sand castle without a bucket.

14. Home is where you make it, and it doesn’t take long for a place to feel like home.

15. Sometimes the best entertainment is the free entertainment.

16. Being in the same room with someone is not the same as spending time with someone. Engagement counts.

17. It only takes a few minutes to make a new friend.

18. Being clear about your intentions increases the odds that you’ll be happy with your results – in just about anything.

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