What We Learned the First Week on the Road

We pulled into the Lofton Creek Campground along East State Road 200 in Yulee, Florida on Friday night, determined to make the best of our detour. Five days (and so. much. money.) later, we are finally back on the road and headed to Savannah, Georgia.

We’re relieved. I don’t think we’re quite ready to let the excitement back in completely – Jared and I are both a little gun shy – but we are cautiously optimistic about moving forward again. It’s been a pretty adventurous first week on the road, and we’ve learned a few things.

What we learned the first week on (and off) the road

I can be the calm one. For the first 4.95 days, I was the one holding steady. Despite any inner doubts I may have been having, I took every missed deadline and change of plans in stride. I reminded Jared over and over again that we were handling these adjustments just fine.

This is a different dynamic in our relationship, and Jared admitted late Tuesday that it had made him a little nervous since I’m not “you know, normally what you’d call calm.”

Our children really like to play with us. The worst part about our detour was the total lack of anything interesting to do or see around us; we were basically in a grassy parking lot on the edge of a highway. In a way, that turned out to be the best part of our detour. The four of us have played Simon Says, Follow the Leader, catch, and cards, and I was reminded how much fun my children are.

I have been looking forward to my kids having to get more creative with their unstructured play time, but it turns out they weren’t the only ones who needed a reminder about the importance of just hanging out.

I stress out when I think someone will be disappointed in me. The biggest problem I was having with the constant delays on our vehicle was the fact that we were expected at Callaway Gardens for a blogger program. When the mechanic told us we’d be ready to go Monday, I foolishly contacted the staff and asked if they’d still be able to accommodate us if we arrived Tuesday night. When that plan fell through, I panicked. I wasn’t concerned about what I would be missing, but about any inconvenience I might cause with yet another change of plans.

The ridiculous thing is, no one else’s day or week was affected by me not showing up in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The even more ridiculous thing is that there was nothing I could do about it anyway.

I’m not sure what to do with that little bit of info – or if there’s anything to be done with it. I’m taking a break from too much analyzing and trying to focus on observing and handling whatever is right in front of me at the moment; it’s seems to be the sanest course of action for now.

In the name of shutting up and observing, I’ve been taking lots of pictures.


Somehow, I was able to find quite a few things worth looking at in a place that seemed to have nothing to see. Imagine that.

Savannah, here we come!

(Please feel free to share any tips you have about things to do in the Savannah area.)

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