What We Did With Our Car

When we decided to move out of our house and into an RV and commit a year of our lives to traveling, we had to decide what to do with our stuff in the meantime. We chose to sell almost all of it because we didn’t want the burden of maintaining it somewhere, either in a storage unit or at someone else’s house. We don’t know what we’re going to do when this trip is over, and we didn’t want our decision to be influenced by a pile of stuff waiting for us.

It made sense at the time.

Then it came time to start actually getting rid of said stuff. We had three garage sales and took many trips to Goodwill. I learned how to use eBay and the Amazon marketplace. We met some interesting people through Craigslist. Over the course of a few months, we managed to sell or give away the majority of our things.

But I still had a 2003 Mustang sitting in my driveway.

We couldn’t take it with us and we didn’t want to store it. Our plan was to sell it and put the money towards our trip. But then we heard about a family who needed a car…

Instead of selling the car, we worked with the team at LoveDrop to make our car a charitable donation in the eyes of the IRS.

I read somewhere that someone thought this was an irresponsible thing for us to do; I can understand how someone would think that. The truth is, it was way easier than selling it and we got to be part of something really, really cool in the process. We got to show our kids how people can come together as a community to transfer resources around and help each other out. We got to play like Oprah for a day, basically.

And it was awesome.

It might have been more responsible to work harder to turn that car into cash, cash we could have used to fix our SUV’s front end that went bad on our first day of driving. (Seriously). But I was sitting in my office with a car I didn’t want, reading about a family who needed a car. How do you just ignore that in lieu of being responsible?

I’m so impressed by what Nate and J do with Love Drop and I’m thrilled to be able to tell a few more people about their micro-giving group. Head on over to LoveDrop.us to find out how you can feel like Oprah (without giving away your car).

Responsibility be damned.


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