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3 Questions to Help You Define Happiness

“Happy isn’t a place you arrive at and live there forever and ever.  Passion isn’t something you can find under a rock in your backyard.  They’re just words we use to describe a way of living and feeling and being … Continue reading

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What I Learned When Emma Turned Six

In August of 2007, Jared and the kids and I loaded everything we owned into a U-Haul truck and a Chevy Trailblazer and drove away from everything we’d ever known about home. We moved from Parkersburg, Iowa to Central Florida, … Continue reading

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The First Draft of The Big Map

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a map. We also have a little bit of a Classic Miss Britt Freak Out as I try to figure out how in the heck we will get it all done. We have a list … Continue reading

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