Why Bother With Extreme Happiness?


You don’t have to pursue a passion.

You don’t have to make dramatic changes to find a deeper sense of happiness.

You can choose to be perfectly content in the everyday joy of being alive.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being content.  It’s a good idea, I think, to learn how to appreciate happiness in small things.  There truly is a measure of joy to be found in everything, and being satisfied with that hunt doesn’t have to be dismissed as “settling”.

I don’t want to ever convince someone that they are not happy.


I do want you to know that allowing yourself to be consumed by a passion is a wholly different experience than contentment.

I want to tell you about how my heart pounds in the morning when I think about how I will spend my day, and the week, and the coming months.  It’s a feeling that stretches from gratitude to bliss, with stops at awe along the way.

I want you to know what it is to walk around with joy in your cells.

It’s not giddiness or glee, not exactly.  It is, rather, a quiet humming of your soul.  It is peace living in the same space as exhilaration, a cohabitation I would have never thought possible before.

It is knowing that you are no longer scared of death or tomorrow, because today you were the happiest you could be.

I want to tell you what it feels like to get to know yourself as a result of focusing on an impossible dream.  Larger than life goals require you to make room. You have to make sacrifices and choices that were unnecessary before you started squeezing extraordinary into an average-sized life.  This where you learn what matters, and what matters gets bigger and more deeply rooted into each moment.  Along the way you learn what you are capable of and who you are.

It’s ridiculously easy to fall in love with this best version of you.

I want you to see that clearing away the junk lets me live surrounded by only that which I deem most beautiful – beautiful friendships, lasting love, and endless adventure.

I want you to know that extreme happiness doesn’t come from buying an RV.

Extreme happiness comes from whittling down your priorities to a tiny handful of things that are most important to you, things that are very unlikely to be things at all.  Extreme happiness comes from giving those very few priorities the authority to change you.  It comes in challenging yourself to be guided every day by your principles, even when they demand making radical choices.

You do not have to be extraordinary to go to these extremes.

Extreme happiness is not limited to the very wealthy, smart or talented.

You merely need to be an ordinary person with an extraordinary desire to see just how happy you can be.

You don’t need extreme happiness.  But if some small part of you wonders what it would be like, I encourage you to want it.  Pursue it.  Focus on it until you can see nothing else. Believe in extreme happiness.

Then go to extremes to get it.


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